Route 62

The legendary Pristach’s Pub prior to Macky Moberly’s loving restoration and conversion into Macky’s Shamrock Room.

Route 62: Photography Pop Up is a one-night only event to be held at Macky’s Shamrock Room, 1634 Bailey Avenue, on Friday, April 5, 2019, 6 to 11 pm. The show will direct the lenses of three photographers and a special guest videographer toward Route 62, the only U.S. highway to enter the City of Buffalo limits.

Buffalo Obscura collaborators Chris Hawley, Molly Jarboe, and Christina Laing will be joined by videographer Jim Cielencki for the special event.

“Join us on our road trip across Route 62!” declared Molly Jarboe, co-organizer. “Macky Moberly has resurrected one of Route 62’s classic taverns, and has invited us to celebrate two years of photography pop ups at the reborn Macky’s Shamrock Room.”

Route 62 is a 2,248 mile long highway connecting Niagara Falls, NY, to El Paso, TX, through Buffalo. Established in 1930, it is the only east-west United States Numbered Highway that connects Mexico and Canada. In Buffalo, Route 62 encompasses Bailey Avenue and South Park Avenue.

“Defining and defying borders, international or otherwise, is the essence of Route 62 and the purpose of this show,” said Chris Hawley, co-organizer. “Few people realize that Bailey Avenue and South Park Avenue are actually part of a larger U.S. motorway connecting two countries, border station to border station.”

This special event will be the sixth photography pop up organized by Buffalo Obscura, a photography collaborative established by Hawley, Jarboe, and Laing in 2017. Buffalo East, the first photography pop up, took place on February 24, 2017, at Saddle Up Saloon, 55 Hubbard Street.

Macky’s Shamrock Room is the former Pristach’s, established in 1934 and among the East Side’s iconic corner bars. The blue collar Broadway/Bailey neighborhood supplied customers to Pristach’s for decades before its closure in 2010.

Macky Moberly’s famous fish fry and Community Beer Works beer will be served at the event. 🐠 🍺

The work is designed to be affordable to all audiences. Each photographer is making available ten unframed prints, each in editions of five, for only $25 apiece.

“Come celebrate two years of photography pop ups held in places not typically seen, in one of the East Side’s best corner bars!” said Christina Laing.