The City Beyond The Falls 2019

The City Beyond the Falls: Pop Up Art Show was a one night only event held on Friday, December 13, 6 to 11 pm, at 1902 Main Street in Niagara Falls, NY. Artists featured work about the other half of Buffalo’s metropolitan area: Niagara Falls.

“Buffalo Obscura and LiveNF are tasking artists with interpreting the Niagara Falls of beauty and neglect, opportunities and challenges, and dreams fulfilled and not yet realized,” said Molly Jarboe, a Buffalo Obscura event organizer. “The city within earshot of the eighth wonder, but too often beyond the sight of the tourists, will be their subject.”

Artists: Daniel Calleri, Julian Chinana, Sean Galbraith, Amy Greenan, Chris Hawley, Peter Heuer, Molly Jarboe, Christina Laing, Lydia Maybee, Sarah Maybee, Matthew McCarthy, Adam McCullough, Matthew Measer, David Moog, Jan Nagle, Fritz Proctor, Dennis Reed Jr., CJ Szatkowski, Chuck Tingley, and Kurt Treeby.

“This event will be really special,” said Christina Laing, a Buffalo Obscura event organizer. “Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Toronto artists are collaborating on a truly regional event to highlight the Cataract City.”

The event took place at the former Krausmann’s department store at 1902 Main Street. Blue Cardinal Capital recently acquired the building in a deal that included 39 properties in the historic Suspension Bridge neighborhood. The company is planning to refurbish and reactivate 1902 Main Street in the coming year.

“The pop up art show will help show residents what a re-enlivened Main Street might look like,” said Chris Hawley, a Buffalo Obscura event organizer. “With plans soon underway for rehabilitation of the historic Krausmann’s, this event should be a sign of greater things to come for Niagara Falls USA.”