Buffalo Obscura is Back!

2020 took an unexpected turn for everyone. Given the current state of the world, like many, we had to put some projects on hold and shift our focus to finding new ways to approach our mission. We are happy to report that plans are in the works for a multi-venue installation in July. We’ve been holding artists meetings via zoom and making preparations that we’ll be ready to announce very soon. Here are some of the artists who will be presenting their amazing work with us! Stay tuned for more information!


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  1. I keep missing most of your shows by a whisker; your nature is to be gone like smoke, I understand (?) but now that I’m signed-up, I hope I’ll catch the next instant “pop-up” event. I too am a photog/artist who has been trespassing in Bflo’s backwaters- day & night- for decades. I think you have done extraordinary work from the little I’ve seen so far! Thanks for sharing, united we stand!

    • Thanks for stopping by the site, Joe! You are correct, typically our shows are one-night-only events by design. But our July plans are quit different. More news to come. 🙂

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